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Insurance and Claims Management
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Frederick Trotter
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Director of Insurance & Assets
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Reason for Policy

The State self insurance program administered by the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) automatically extends liability coverage to an employee while operating their personal vehicle to conduct official Institute business.

Policy Statement

Employees performing official Institute business in their personal vehicle at the time of the accident have liability (bodily injury and/or property damage to others) coverage provided per the DOAS issued State Tort Claims Policy. Employees using their personal vehicles to conduct official Institute business shall maintain a copy of the DOAS issued General Liability Insurance Identification Card to refer to at the time of an accident.

DOAS, however, does not provide automobile physical damage (i.e. collision/comprehensive) coverage on an employee’s personal vehicle even when damage occurs while performing official Institute business at the time of the accident.

Policy Terms

A vehicle is considered a car, van, wagon, truck, motorcycle or trailer for use on roads and highways and equipped with a license plate or tag.