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Accounts Payable
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Laura Jamison
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Accounts Payable Manager
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Credit Memo Instructions
Vendors issue credit memos for returned goods as well as pricing discrepancies. If a credit memo is anticipated, for overpayments, exchanges, etc., the department should hold the original or final invoice until it receives the corresponding credit memo. The credit memo and the invoice should be approved and submitted to Accounts Payable for payment. In the event an invoice is processed prior to receipt of the corresponding credit memo, the department can approve the credit, referencing the original campus reference # and account distribution, and submit to Accounts Payable for processing. Future invoice payments from any department will offset credit memos. If the corresponding invoice has been paid, and the department does not anticipate doing additional business with this vendor, the department is responsible for requesting a refund check in lieu of a credit.

Refund Check Instructions
When a department receives a refund check, the associated PO number and account number must be referenced on the check stub and submitted to Accounts Payable.

Suppliers are to mail refund checks to the following address:
Georgia Institute of Technology
ATTN: Accounts Payable
711 Marietta Street, N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30332-0253

Accounts Payable will apply the refund to the appropriate account and deposit it with the Bursar's Office. For state projects, if the refund applies to a current year payment, use the current year account number. If the refund applies to a prior year payment, the surplus account will be credited.