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Accounts Payable
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Laura Jamison
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Accounts Payable Manager
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Policy Statement

This policy documents the signature approval and authorization requirements necessary to commit Institute funds for the payment of goods, services and other non-payroll expenditures through Accounts Payable.


Delegation of Approval Authority
The Dean, director, or department heads may delegate the authority to approve payments, but not the primary responsibility of the approver. Delegated signers should always sign their own name, rather than sign the name of the dean, director or department head. Once a signature delegation is provided, it is valid until cancelled by the unit.

Responsibility of Approver
The approver must verify the following prior to approval of payment:

  • Receipt of goods or performance / completion of services
  • Confirmation of payment and shipping terms
  • Purchase is appropriate for fund source
  • Purchase matches order including item description, quantity, and unit prices
  • Sufficient funds to make payment are in the indicated amount

The approver is responsible for submitting an approved invoice or Check Request Form for payments to Accounts Payable within ten business days of receipt of merchandise / services or receipt of invoice, whichever is later.