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Accounts Payable
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Laura Jamison
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Accounts Payable Manager
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Governor's Executive Order - Prompt Payment of Invoices
Georgia Tech is mandated by Executive Order of the Governor of the State of Georgia to pay vendor
invoices within 30 days from the latter of:

  • Invoice date
  • Date the invoice is received by Georgia Tech Accounts Payable
  • Date goods and/or services are received by Georgia Tech

Departmental Approval Turnaround
Invoices are entered by Accounts Payable and processed against the PO referenced on the invoice. Invoices that are delivered directly to the department by the supplier must be sent to Accounts Payable at apinvoices@gatech.edu immediately to ensure timely record of invoice delivery. Departments are responsible for entering receipts for all POs $3000 and over and are responsible for managing all invoices that are in match exception status. Delays in approval or receipt entry should be noted in the comments of the applicable fields of the invoice; for example, “Goods received damaged 06/30/2011, replacement anticipated 07/05/2011.”

Accounts Payable is unable to pay invoices that do not reference a valid PO number. The department will be contacted for invoices that do not reference a valid PO, if the department contact is provided on the invoice.

Payment Request Turnaround
Accounts Payable is responsible for processing invoices within five business days of receipt of departmental approval and all other necessary requirements, to ensure prompt payment of invoices. It may however be necessary in certain instances that additional processing time is required if all requirements to process an invoice for payment are not met. Therefore, departments should allow at least ten business days for processing an invoice for payment. Should this not be possible, see "Rush Payment Requests". If Accounts Payable cannot process the payment due to missing or incorrect information, Accounts Payable is responsible for alerting department within ten business days. Department will be informed of problem and provided with instructions regarding what is needed to complete the transaction.