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Laura Jamison
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Accounts Payable Manager
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This procedure applies to the request for, assignment of, and use of UPS and Federal Express Accounts. UPS is on a mandatory State Contract and should be used as the primary shipping vendor. Fed Ex should only be requested if shipping dangerous chemicals or if required for shipments per sponsors.

Policy Statement

The authority to make purchases of freight is delegated to the administrative departments. This authority is vested in the Purchasing Department and administrated under the State Purchasing Rules and Regulations.


Establishment of Account
One or more accounts per delivery address may be established. A UPS Employee Agreement Form or a FedEx Employee Agreement Form should be completed and approved and sent to the Georgia Tech Purchasing Department if an employee is acting as the accountholder. The Purchasing Department will establish the account with UPS and Federal Express, based upon available account numbers. The department should take care in releasing the UPS and FedEx Account number as they will be responsible for charges associated with that account.

Payment of Invoices
All UPS and FedEx accounts can be invoiced to the department or set up with a Pcard for autopay. This set up is the responsibility of the accountholder.

Redistribution of Charges
Departments should the Concur system to redistribute charges if necessary for accounts linked to a Pcard. Multiple lines can be allocated for an ePayment request.

Disputed Charges

It is the cardholder’s responsibility to resolve discrepancies and ensure credits are received. When a cardholder discovers an incorrect amount has been charged or a questionable purchase appears on the monthly statement, the cardholder must immediately seek to resolve the problem directly with the vendor by calling UPS Customer Service at 1-877-289-6418 or FedEx Customer Service at 1-800-463-3339. Any communications should be documented on the statement (or attachment) including dates, persons involved, and a brief description of the problem.


Policy History


Revision Date Author Description
May 2015 P-Card Manager Added UPS to approved charges
April 2018 Procurement Coordinator Updated payment methods