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New Vendor Registration
A new trade, service, individual, or consultant vendor may be set up upon submission and approval of a Georgia Tech Vendor Profile Form. The Vendor Profile Form includes data required for IRS, State and Federal, and SBA reporting (note: registration vendors must supply FEI/EIN on the registration form, otherwise a Vendor Profile Form will need to be submitted). In rare cases, as italicized below, IRS Form W-9 may be submitted in lieu of a Vendor Profile Form (legal settlements, estate checks and various government entities). Form W-8 and the Foreign Vendor Profile Form must be submitted for all foreign companies, partnerships, organizations, institutions, and individuals. Links to the Vendor Profile Form can be found on the Vendor/Supplier Information Bank. IRS W-9 and W-8 forms and instructions can be accessed via the irs.gov website.
Exceptions for the requirement for submission of a Vendor Profile Form, W-9, or W-8 are listed below:

  1. Human Subject Participants with expected annual payments of less than $600. The department financial administrator or PI will maintain appropriate documentation to determine if $600 reportable IRS income has been attained in any calendar year and contact Accounts Payable with details.
  2. Non employee expense payable vendors based on supporting documentation provided on the Check Request Form or Travel Expense Statement. Examples include student key deposit refunds, expense reimbursements for faculty candidates and other official guests/visitors, and parking refunds.
  3. Subscriptions

Vendor Maintenance for Established Vendors
A new Vendor Profile Form or a W-9 is required whenever critical information on the form changes. Critical information includes a change in the vendor name, tax ID, SBA classification, or conflict of interest indicators. A new form is not required to update phone numbers or address information. Please forward notification by e-mail, fax 404-894-8552 or mail to:
Georgia Tech Accounts Payable
711 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA 30332-0253

Vendor Review and Approval Process
All new vendors are subject to approval prior to establishment in the Business Services vendor database. A vendor must be registered before it can be selected for BuzzMart purchase orders.

Conflict of Interest, Ethics and Unlawful Actions
Georgia Tech subscribes to the State's Code of Ethics for Governmental Service. All procurements are subject to the Georgia Vendor Manual, in particular, Chapter 9, Ethics and Unlawful Actions. Any apparent or potential conflict of interest between the vendor and a Georgia Tech Employee must be defined. If the conflict would not disqualify the vendor for obtaining business under certain conditions or circumstances, an understanding of those conditions or circumstances must be part of the vendor record.

Employee vs Independent Contractor
If the prospective vendor is an individual or a sole proprietor that is performing a service, Procurement Services, with the assistance of the Human Resources Department, will make a determination of the proper classification status. Retired or ex-employees that return to Georgia Tech to perform a service similar to that performed when they were an employee, will be classified as an employee through Payroll. For more information regarding this topic, please see "consultants individuals and firms".

Foreign Vendor Exclusion List
The Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) maintains a list of individuals and organizations that we are prohibited from doing business with. Please refer specific issues regarding vendors that may appear on this list with the Office of Legal Affairs.

Vendor Inquiries
The Accounts Payable department will answer inquiries from vendors regarding the status of delinquent invoices. Accounts Payable will serve as a liaison between the campus department and the vendor. Georgia Tech must strive to maintain and promote a satisfactory credit standing with suppliers. Prompt payment of invoices and responses to inquiries is necessary in order to achieve this goal. Vendor inquiries for invoices over 30 days old will be referred to the campus unit for action. Georgia Tech's Credit Reference Letter, tax exemption forms, and Georgia Tech's IRS W-9 are available on the Vendor/Supplier Information Bank: from Accounts Payable via e-mail or 404-894-5000.