Joint Staffing

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Effective Date: 
May 1998
Last Revised: 
March 2014
Review Date: 
March 2017
Policy Owner: 
Human Resources
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Kevin Merkel
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Senior Director-Payroll and Total Rewards
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Policy Statement: 

The following guidelines, issued by the University System's Board of Regents, pertain to recording personal services for personnel used by two or more units of the University System.


General Guidelines

  • The faculty member, or other personnel, should receive full contract pay from the base institution. The employee thus should continue in "fully employed" status at the base institution.
  • Each institution sharing the employee's time should budget its share of the employee's time (EFT) and dollars. Care should be taken to see that the EFT and dollars do not exceed the employee's contract.
  • Upon making distributions of salary and wage costs from routine payroll records, the base institution would enter the personal service expenditures on its records in accordance with established procedures.
  • Settlement of accounts may be effected by arrangements of several fiscal officers of the institutions involved. The timing and method shall be at the discretion of said officers.
  • Staff Benefits related to the Personnel Service dollars involved may be transferred if the amount is deemed material by the fiscal officers involved.
  • In instances where Sponsored Operations are involved, the overhead allowance in any given contract shall remain at the institution where the Sponsored Project is located. Exceptions to this rule may be made if the amount is material. An amount shall be considered material if it exceeds 50% of the total overhead allowance for that project.

This statement shall not apply to situations where Sponsored Projects are awarded jointly to two or more institutions. The arrangement as stipulated in the contract shall prevail in such instances.

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