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The purpose of this policy is to outline requirements for non-employees traveling on official business in compliance with University System of Georgia, State Accounting Office and the Institute travel policies.

Policy Statement

Non-employees (students, official guests/visitors) traveling on official Institute business are required to follow the same travel policies/procedures used by employees. All travel reimbursements to non-employees must be submitted via the Georgia Tech’s financial management system on an Expense Report. Non-employees must follow the Institute's accountable plan for travel, which requires original receipts be submitted for reimbursement. Travelers should submit all expenses for reimbursement and reconciliation within 10 days of the completion of the event or trip. Reconciliation should not exceed 45 calendar days.

For the purpose of travel reimbursement, any students who are active on Payroll must submit their travel reimbursements via the Institute’s Financial System.


This policy applies to all units of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Policy Terms

External Committee Member (ECM)

All Non-employees (students, official guests/visitors) seeking reimbursement are to be set up as an External Committee Member (ECM) within Georgia Tech’s financial management system.


Prospective Employees / Students / Official Guests
Travel reimbursement for official GT business is allowed for students authorized to travel for participation in academic programs and sanctioned student events, students enrolled to take classes at Georgia Tech, and individuals being recruited as potential students. Also included is research, academic conference, or academic event travel funded by a grant awarded to GT which authorizes non employee travel.

Job applicant travel associated with an interview is also allowable as specified by Georgia Tech policy. In order to reimburse job applicants one of the following situations must apply:

  • Interview expenses are included in the contract with an external search firm;
  • A job applicant is required to deliver a presentation on a subject matter applicable to the position applied for; or
  • Family members who accompany the candidate may have their expenses reimbursed by an affiliated organization (i.e. Georgia  Tech Foundation, Georgia Tech Research Corporation, or Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation if approved in advance.

Non-employees will be reimbursed for either (a) the actual cost of the coach/economy airfare from their home to GT place of business or (b) mileage at the rate allowed by the state of Georgia. Original receipts must be submitted.

Direct billing of airfare is available through Georgia Tech's contracted agency. Contact the Institute's Travel Management Company to make travel arrangements. For non-employees traveling on official business with Georgia Tech, the department is to complete the Single Trip Direct Bill Form. 

Form is to be reviewed by the Cost Center Manager for completeness and appropriateness and forwarded to the Institute’s Travel Management Company Travel Inc via email to: gatech@travelinc.com prior to the issuance of any ticket. It is the departments' responsibility to ensure the Institute’s Travel Management Company has booked the ticket. The department and traveler should receive an e-mail confirmation (e-itinerary) showing that the ticket has been booked.

Lodging expenses for prospective employees and other official guests will be reimbursed after the trip. If the lodging is paid directly by the Institution through direct bill the hotel should not collect any taxes associated with the lodging expenses. The list of hotels in the Atlanta area that accept direct billing can be found on the Business Services website.

Non-employees will be reimbursed for the State of Georgia per diem rate for Atlanta, or if visiting other locations outside of Georgia, the federal per diem rate (minus incidentals) for that location. Receipts are not required.

Miscellaneous Expenses
The miscellaneous travel expenses of non-employees will be reimbursed according to the employee travel guidelines.

Reimbursing Travel Expenses
When requesting reimbursement for travel expenses, non employees need to itemize the actual cost of transportation, lodging (daily), meals (daily), and miscellaneous expenses. Itemized folio receipts for lodging expenses and original receipts for all other expenses (with the exception of meals) are required in order to be reimbursed.

Student Travel
Undergraduate students that are not active on Payroll traveling in support of a student activity (sport, club, academic, research) will report expenses as external committee members (ECM's) on an expense report via Georgia Tech's Financial Management System.

Consultants / Independent Contractors
An independent contractor must include travel expenses in the fees they charge to the Institute, unless specified otherwise in the contract.

Reimbursement for Independent Contractor Travel
Individuals providing independent contract service will be compensated for associated business expenses such as travel. Documentation for payment must be either a fully executed professional service agreement or an invoice. The professional service agreement may state a fee plus expenses, or simply a fee. If the service agreement states a fee plus expenses, the expenses should be listed separately on the invoice and will be reported on the IRS Form 1099-Misc. Meals will be reimbursed at the current daily per diem rate set by the State of Georgia, unless specified differently in the contract.

IRS Tax Reporting
Original receipts should be retained by the independent contractor, all appropriate payments will be reported to the IRS as compensation on the form 1099-Misc.


Refer to the Travel Authorizatoin Policy for Employees.


All non-employees traveling on behalf of the Institute are to adhere to the Non-Employee Travel Policy or are at risk of not receiving reimbursement for travel expenses incurred.

To resport suspected instances of ethical violations, please visit Georgia Tech's Ethics Hotline, a secure and confidential reporting system at: https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/en/report_custom.asp?clientid=7508