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Sponsored Programs, Office of
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Cynthia Hope
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Associate Vice President for Research Administration
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It is the policy of Georgia Tech that the PI/PD must be a currently active faculty member and that a substitute PI/PD be named in the event that a PI/PD is absent from regular duty, including leaves of absence, for 90 days or more. Schools, Labs and Departments must notify OSP when PD/PIs arrange to terminate their employment, take a leave of absence, or are absent for medical or family leave.


This policy applies to all Georgia Tech faculty, staff.


PD/PI Project Director/Principal Investigator, individual responsible for the overall design, conduct and reporting of the research or other externally funded sponsored activity.
Change of PD/PI
Initiating a Change To initiate a change, the PD/PI or, if unavailable, the School or Lab should inform OSP of the request for a change in the PD/PI on a project. The PD/PI’s School or Lab must concur in the recommendation of a new PD/PI. OSP will submit the request to the sponsor, if required, and will update the contract file after approval has been obtained. The curriculum vitae of the replacement PD/PI should accompany the request. In the event a sponsor objects to the nominated replacement, OSP will contact the requesting campus department.
Federal Sponsoring Agencies Federal sponsoring agencies require, at a minimum, advance notification if the PD/PI is absent or relinquishes active direction of a project for a period of three continuous months or longer, plans a significant change in effort, or plans to transfer to another institution. Repeated absences of less than 90 continuous days during a year represent a significant change in effort. The awarding agency must approve a replacement PD/PI who is requested by the awardee institution; departing PD/PIs often suggest or recommend such replacements. Agencies reserve the right to terminate a grant if approval for a leave of absence has not been sought or if the replacement PD/PI is not acceptable.


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12-31-2013 OSP Rev 1.0