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Gail Spatt
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Director, Research Program Administration
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The Office of the Executive Vice President for Research (EVPR) acts as the clearinghouse and final authority for all Limited Submission funding opportunities. The EVPR may choose to administer the selection of faculty member(s) to represent Georgia Tech as approved applicants or they may delegate this selection authority to other units, based on the scope or scale of the sponsor’s solicitation. Learn more here.

The EVPR proactively identifies as many limited submission opportunities as possible and maintains a list of recurring limited submission funding opportunities.

Principal investigators (PIs) who intend to respond to a limited submission opportunity must notify the EVPR, as early as possible, to allow for time to vet the solicitation and implement an applicant selection strategy, if required.

When a limited submission opportunity arises with an abbreviated response window, the EVPR identifies key partners and stakeholders in areas most likely to be respondent to the solicitation to gauge interest. If it cannot be determined that an interested party exists, or if the timeline is too tight for extensive investigation, the EVPR employs a ‘first come, first serve’ approach to approving a Georgia Tech applicant.


This policy applies to all employees conducting sponsored research at Georgia Tech.


Policy Terms
Limited Submission Competitions Funding opportunities for which the sponsor limits the number or types of applications and institution can submit.



Competition Identified as Limited Submission

When a limited submission opportunity is identified, the EVPR determines the best unit to administer the selection process.
Georgia Tech Approved Applicant Once the Georgia Tech approved applicant(s) is identified, the applicant(s) is responsible for coordinating with the appropriate Office of Sponsored Programs contracting officer to complete the approved submission.




The faculty member/PI is responsible for reviewing the solicitation for programs to which they wish to apply and for notifying the EVPR if they intend to apply to a limited submission competition.

Faculty members identified as approved Georgia Tech applicants must coordinate with OSP to complete proposal submission.

Office of EVPR
The EVPR is responsible for overseeing and communicating limited submission opportunities for campus. The EVPR has final decision-making authority for all approved applicant selections but may delegate this authority to relevant units as appropriate.

Once the approved applicant(s) are identified the EVPR must communicate this approval to OSP.

Units are responsible for appropriately managing and communicating any Limited Submission selection process delegated to said unit.

Once the approved applicant(s) are identified the unit(s) must communicate this approval to the EVPR and OSP.


Failure to comply with sponsor submission limitations may result in the rejection of some or all Georgia Tech proposals provided in response to the solicitation.

Policy History
Revision Date Author Description
12-31-2013 OSP Rev 1.0
3-1-2024 Office of the Executive Vice President for Research Policy updated to clarify requirements for PIs and Units.