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Security and Police
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William Smith
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Director of Emergency Management
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This policy sets forth plans, procedures, responsibilities, and requirements related to modifying campus operations for emergency situations, including hazardous weather, where Georgia Tech can maintain business continuity in compliance with University System of Georgia and State of Georgia requirements. This policy allows the Institute to mitigate risk while maintaining essential functions. Employees and students can learn the status of campus operations here.

Policy Statement

Institute departments with essential, on-premise services are required to identify minimum services required during Modified Operations; to identify how many and which personnel may be needed on campus during Modified Operations; to communicate with identified personnel who may be needed to perform essential, on premise services; and to develop plans and procedures of plan implementation including but not limited to the following: internal communication, activation of Modified Operations, schedule adjustments, and housing and feeding of personnel. Departments can access resources to meet these requirements here.

All Institute departments are required to identify employees who can work remotely, communicate the expectation of working remotely during an emergency with those employees, and develop plans and procedures for implementation.


This policy applies to the Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta campus.

Policy Terms

A serious situation with inherent risk that requires immediate action.

Essential Service
Functions and activities that should continue during an emergency or interruption or be restarted quickly following an emergency or interruption.

Interruption: Any event, whether anticipated or unanticipated, which disrupts the normal course of operations.

Modified Operations
Temporary changes to Georgia Tech teaching, learning, research and business operations in response to a threat of an emergency, ongoing emergency, or any other interruption that requires Institute-level action.

On Premise
Physically present on the Georgia Tech Atlanta campus.

When an Emergency/Interruption is Imminent  
President or Designee Based upon a recommendation from the Director of Emergency Management, the Crisis Management Team, and/or the Chief of Police, the President or Designee may decide to declare Modified Operations for a specified period.


When Modified Operations is Declared  
Instructors Instructors should follow the guidance from the Provost and the Digital Learning Days for Modified Campus Operations Policy.
Students Students should await communications from their instructors regarding delivery of their classes during that period based upon the Digital Learning Days for Modified Campus Operations Policy. Students should follow guidance and/or directions provided by the Office of the Vice President for Student Engagement and Well-Being regarding student activities, events, programs and services.
Staff Staff should await communication from their unit.



All Departments
Educate personnel on expectations for on-premise or remote work during emergencies and interruptions.

Crisis Management Team (CMT)
Provide recommendations to the president or his designee during situations that may warrant Modified Operations. The Crisis Management Team is comprised of the executive leadership team and a rotating list of vice presidents who can provide valuable subject matter expertise to the situation at hand. This group is assembled at the discretion of the Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance to help make decisions regarding operational impact. Departments with Essential, On Premise Services Identify services that must be maintained, even in reduced capacities, during emergencies and interruptions. In addition, they shall identify personnel who may need to work on-premises during Modified Operations, including support for students and employees such as housing and dining.

Georgia Tech Human Resources
Support payroll and leave compliance with University System of Georgia HRAP Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies.

Follow the Digital Learning Day policy and if they supervise staff, enact their unit Modified Operations Plan.

Office of Emergency Management
Provide situational awareness to the CMT and prompt the President or Designee when situations may require the CMT to meet to discuss the use of Modified Operations.

President or Designee
Decide whether to implement Modified Operations with the guidance from the Crisis Management Team, Chief of Police and Emergency Management Director. Supervisors Communicate with their employees and enact their unit Modified Operations Plan.

Policy History

August 15, 2023
Policy was updated to address hybrid work options and modified campus operations, and clarify roles and responsibilities.