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Georgia Tech Foundation
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Mark DeLorenzo
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GTF Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary
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As with the use of any GIT funds, faculty and staff are to use prudence and good business judgment with the use of GTF funds. Unit management is responsible for assuring the funds are used properly and has the responsibility and accountability for the use of funds consistent with all gift requirements, GIT and GTF policies and procedures, and applicable state and federal laws.
Signature approval of financial documents (purchase orders, travel requests, and direct pay vouchers, etc.) is necessary to indicate that an expenditure of GTF funds is consistent with any applicable restrictions imposed on the specific funds being used and with the purpose and mission of the Institute, and that adequate funds are available in the designated account(s). The approver must be an authorized individual who is knowledgeable of account restrictions, GTF and GIT Gift Accounting procedures.

Expenditures processed through GIT
Business transactions financed by GTF funds are to be processed through GIT in accordance with general business practices and processes. GIT purchasing and expenditure policies and procedures are to be used for these purposes. Expenditures supporting Institute activities that are not permitted with the use of State funds, such as entertainment or special events, certain business meetings, membership dues and some employee moving expenses may be paid directly by GTF.  Exceptions to this policy may be requested by the unit’s school chair, dean or vice provost, with the approval of the provost, executive vice president for administration and finance or the president.  Exception requests need to be preauthorized and must be obtained using a Foundation Expenditure Exception Request Form (see links to the Word and PDF forms below). Expenditure documents for these expenses are to be submitted directly to the Foundation for processing.

Expenditures processed through the Georgia Tech Foundation
Requests for direct expenditures to be made by the Foundation are to be submitted on the Georgia Tech Foundation Check Request form and be supported with appropriate documentation, itemized receipts and original invoices. Signature approval will include a certification by the approver that the expenditure is for Institute business and consistent with the purpose and conditions of the underlying gift. Invoices and requests for reimbursement should be submitted on a timely basis and within the fiscal year in which the expenses were incurred. The check request with documentation is sent to GTF at Mail Code 0182.

Unless permissible for payment by GIT under GIT policies, the following types of transactions may be submitted for direct payment by GTF. All other transactions must be processed through GIT.

  1. Business Meetings and Events
    See "Business and Finance Procurement of Group Meals for Employees, Students, and Official Visitors"
  2. Employee Moving Expenses
    See also refer to Personnel

    6.15 Moving expense payment for New Academic Faculty
    6.16 Relocation Policy for New Faculty, Staff or Researchers
    6.21 Relocation Expenses (Intrastate)

  3. Entertainment and Special Events
  4. Facility Rental
  5. Membership Dues
  6. Other Transactions with approved Foundation Expenditure Exception Request form attached.

Project Expenditure Reports
Project expenditure reports generated by reflect financial activity recorded to both GIT and GTF records. The transaction details and amount of GT Foundation direct expenditures will be reported to the Controller’s Office and GTRI Accounting on a regular basis for entry into the GIT and GTRI accounting system as "Other Memo" expenditures to provide account managers with financial reports that reflect total project costs. Project expenditure and budget reports for these accounts are available on the Web.