Trips Which Include Annual Leave / Personal Travel

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Last Revised: 
April 2011
Review Date: 
July 2020
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Accounts Payable
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Abbie Coker
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Director of Accounts Payable & Travel
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Employees taking annual leave while away from headquarters home on official business will be reimbursed for expenses incurred during and pertaining to the official travel only, or which would reasonably be expected to be incurred if only the official travel had occurred.The beginning and end trip dates should be entered into the Travel Authorization. Personal travel dates should be noted in the “detailed trip description” field.
Reimbursement for airfare is limited to the least expensive round-trip airfare to the official destination point(s). Quotes for round-trip airfare can be obtained from the Institutes contracted travel agency and should be noted on the TA in the “detailed trip description” field.
Transportation, meals lodging and other expenses are not reimbursable for the time the employee is on annual leave or personal travel.
Reimbursement for a rental car and associated expenses are limited to the time/expenses associated with the official trip. Reimbursement for mileage is limited to the official travel miles only. If the rental amount includes personal travel, the total amount due should be prorated according to the number of days on official GT business.

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