Conference Registration

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July 2017
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July 2020
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Accounts Payable
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Abbie Coker
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Director of Accounts Payable & Travel
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Registration Fees
Registration fees are reimbursable when required for participation in a workshop, seminar, convention or conference, which an employee is authorized to attend as an official representative of the Institute.
Fees for activities such as sight-seeing, field trip, or banquets are not reimbursable. Any fees representing official activities must be justified in writing as to the business purpose of the event/activity.

Registration Payment
Payment for registration fees will be made in one of three ways:

  1. Procurement Card (PCard) - the preferred method of payment and a best practice;
  2. Reimbursement to the traveler via the TechWorks Employee Travel & Expense System or
  3. Prepaid using the BuzzMart e-payment Request Form or
  4. Check Request Form

Reimbursement requests should be made via the TechWorks Employee Travel & Expense System and must be supported by a paid receipt or copy of the check, or a bank statement showing check date and amount. A registration form/brochure indicating the conference name, dates and cost must accompany the request. Any part of a registration fee applicable to meals will be reported as a meal expense, if the cost can be identified. Otherwise, if meals are included as part of the registration fee, those meals should not be claimed as per diem meal allowances.
Prepayment using the BuzzMart e-Payment Request, Check Request Form or the P Card should be supported by a copy of the completed registration form and a copy of the e-receipt if using the PCard.

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