Request for Stop Payment of AP Checks

Policy No: 
Type of Policy: 
Effective Date: 
February 2011
Last Revised: 
August 2017
Review Date: 
July 2020
Policy Owner: 
Accounts Payable
Contact Name: 
Abbie Coker
Contact Title: 
Director of Accounts Payable & Travel
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Policy Statement: 

A stop payment is a request by the Institute to our bank to refuse the processing of a check upon presentation. The most frequent reasons for stop payments are a lost, stolen, or damaged check. The associated action is a request to reissue the payment via a new check. A stop payment is made to prevent two checks being presented for payment.
If a check was sent in error, a stop payment without a reissue request is requested.


The status of Accounts Payable check payments can be reviewed via the AP/PO Web Payment Inquiry tool on the Procurement website. Checks that have cleared the GT bank account will reference the date in the ‘DATE CLEARED’ field. Checks that have cleared the Institute’s bank cannot have a stop payment request placed.
A stop payment on a check may be requested by either the payee or the campus unit that originally requested the payment. In either case, the request must include the payee name, check#, campus ref/PO#, and amount. The reason for the request must be provided, as well as the request to reissue the check, if appropriate. If a campus unit requests that a check be reissued, it is the responsibility of the campus unit to alert the payee to ensure that the payee does not attempt to cash the check.
Stop payment requests can be requested 10 business days after check date, to allow for check audit and mail delivery. After confirmation of the stop payment from the bank is received, a new check will be reissued, if requested.

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