Insuring of State Owned Vehicles

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Last Revised: 
September 2015
Review Date: 
September 2018
Policy Owner: 
Insurance and Claims Management
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Tom Provancher
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Director of Insurance, Claims & Property Control
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The State self insurance program administered by the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) provides optional physical damage including, collision and comprehensive (e.g. fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, etc.) coverage.

Policy Statement: 

If the department desires the optional physical damage coverage, DOAS will provide this through the state self insurance program at a rate of $1.00 per $100 of vehicle cost/market value, subject to a $25 minimum premium, per vehicle.

*Low speed vehicles (LSVs) and carts licensed for public road use are covered under the DOAS-Automobile Physical Damage Agreement. LSVs and carts not licensed for public road use are covered under the DOAS Special Property All Risk Agreement.

Policy Terms: 

Unless otherwise defined, a vehicle (including LSV) is considered a car, van, wagon, truck, motorcycle or trailer for use on roads and highways and equipped with a license plate or tag.

  1. Upon being procured either through purchase, manufacture, transfer from another state agency or donation, the department director shall cause the vehicle to be registered through Capital Assets Accounting and physically brought to the Campus Motor Pool for inspection, application of appropriate identifying numerals and logos, and maintenance scheduling.
  2. The GT Motor Pool Fleet Coordinator shall contact DOAS Fleet Management before releasing the vehicle and communicate pertinent data for insurance purposes. The data shall consist of:
    1. The four digit state vehicle number assigned by GA Tech.
    2. Make, Model and Vehicle Identification Number.
    3. Year of manufacture.
    4. Type of vehicle (sedan, station wagon, etc.)
    5. Cost/value of the vehicle
    6. Indicate whether or not physical damage (APD) coverage is to be added to the vehicle.
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