Non-Student Accounts Receivable

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March 2015
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March 2018
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Bursar’s Office
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Terry Fair
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Associate Bursar
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The Bursar's Office is responsible for billing and collecting for goods and services to external parties for units of the Institute such as IPST and Facilities.


When requesting a billing, the college, department, or organizational unit must, at a minimum, provide the following information:

  1. Name of originating office
  2. Name and telephone number of contact person in originating office.
  3. Name and address of customer to be billed.
  4. Telephone number of customer (if possible).
  5. Detailed description of services to be billed including any supporting documentation – See below
  6. Dollar amount to be billed.
  7. Revenue/expense account to be credited
  8. PeopleSoft project #

Supporting Documentation
A purchase order, authorization letter from the company, bill of lading, and any other documentation that supports the validity of the bill meets this requirement.
Please send the information to the following address:
Bursar's Office
General Accounts Receivable Manager
Suite 111 Lyman Hall
Mail Code: 0255

Accumulated Invoices Less than $25.00
Due to the cost of processing billings, charges should be accumulated until they reach a minimum of $25.00 per customer before being submitted for billing: However, these bills should not be accumulated for more than one calendar quarter without submission. Units having special requirements should contact the Manager of the General Accounts Receivable Unit in the Bursar's Office.

Billings Internal to the Institute
Billings between or within departments of the Institute should not be forwarded to the Bursar's Office. Internal billings should be handled with journal entries.

Billing Disputes
If an invoice is disputed by the customer, the Bursar's Office will contact the originating department for verification/direction. Copies of all pertinent information as needed will be forwarded (which may include a Receivable Billing Disputes Form - see attachment on page 3 of this procedure) to the office that originated the billing.
The originating office will be requested to provide any information relevant to the dispute within a ten day period. At that point, the originating office should either authorize to reverse the billing entry, confirm that the invoice is correct, or provide details regarding modification of the original bill. The Bursar's Office will contact the customer with the information received from the originating office.
If the Bursar's Office does not receive a response from the originating office within 30 days, the revenue credited to the originating office will be reversed and all documentation will be returned to the issuing department.
Note: Disputed invoices which cannot be resolved through the process defined above will be handled as necessary by the Bursar with the appropriate parties. When necessary, legal action may be taken to collect overdue invoices.

An example of the PDF Non-Student Accounts Receivable Billing Disputes Form is available on line.


Units sending information to the Bursar's Office for invoices to be created are required to implement procedures internally to avoid accepting payment within the unit. Any such payments received by the unit should be forwarded to the attention of the General Accounts Receivable Manager in the Bursar's Office. They should not be deposited through a Daily Cash Transmittal Form.

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