Policy Development and Lifecycle Process

Recognizing the need for a common, consistent, and transparent process for Institute policies to be thoroughly reviewed, maintained, and made available to the campus community, Georgia Tech has adopted an Institute Policy Development and Life Cycle Process to promote policy awareness, compliance, and accountability.

Step 1. Policy Proposal
The Policy Steering Committee determines if the policy is Academic or Administrative, and if there is a need for further review.
  • Academic Policies are policies that provide requirements for faculty governance and for student life relating to the educational process, including admission, suspension, expulsion, classes, courses of study, and requirements for graduation. Academic Policies are either Faculty Handbook Policies or Student Regulations.
  • Administrative Policies are policies that establish and align administrative operations, set behavioral expectations across the Institute, and communicate multiple division, department, or office roles and responsibilities.
   Faculty Handbook Student Regulation Administrative
Step 2. Policy Draft and Initial ReviewPolicy Drafted By: Faculty Member or CommitteePolicy OwnerPolicy Owner
Initial Reviewer:Faculty Statutes CommitteeStudent Regulations CommitteePolicy Steering Committee
Step 3. Final Review and Approval
Where it is Posted:General Faculty AgendaAcademic Senate AgendaPolicy Library
Approval Body:General FacultyAcademic SenatePresident’s Cabinet
Step 4. Policy Publication
Once a policy is approved it is published online in the Policy Library and announced in the Daily Digest/Whistle.

The full Institute Policy Development and Life Cycle Process flowchart is available for:

  • Academic Policies
    • Faculty Handbook
    • Student Regulations
  • Administrative Policies


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