Open Records Act

Policy No: 
Type of Policy: 
Effective Date: 
April 2004
Review Date: 
February 2015
Policy Owner: 
Office of Legal Affairs
Contact Name: 
Kate Wasch
Contact Title: 
Managing Attorney
Contact Email:
Policy Statement: 

The Office of Legal Affairs ("OLA") has been designated by the President as the appropriate office to review and respond to any request for documents.

Policy Terms: 

is a process by which the Court commands a witness who has in his/her possession or control some document or paper which is pertinent to the issues of a pending controversy to produce it. Simply stated, it is a subpoena for the production of documentary evidence.


Any employee who has received a request for documents in any court proceeding or pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act, or who has been served with a subpoena, should contact OLA immediately at (404) 894-4812 and forward the subpoena/request to OLA. OLA will respond to such requests in accordance with the statutory time frame and other procedural requirements of the law.

OLA, in conjunction with the appropriate employee, will coordinate the review and production of the documents requested or subpoenaed.

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