Equipment Transfer (within Georgia Tech)

Equipment Transfer (within Georgia Tech)
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Property Control
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Frederick Trotter
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Director of Insurance & Assets
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This section explains the procedures for updating the Asset Management System when equipment (asset) is transferred from one Institute department to another.

Policy Statement

Asset movement must be recorded in Workday when there is a permanent change in the asset location or physical custody (e.g., from one Cost Center to another). If the asset is temporarily loaned or relocated and the intention is to reclaim the item in the near future, the asset record need not be changed.

Equipment Transfer Request Procedures:
Moving ownership of an asset from one Cost Center to another is a Workday process. Information can be found here. The Cost Center with current ownership of the asset must contact the new Cost Center to obtain the new driver worktag. The Cost Center with current ownership of the asset can initiate the transfer.

The new Cost Center property coordinator will generate an approval for the transfer, and will need to assign the following items to the transferred asset: location, worker (custodian), and coordinating Cost Center.

Please Note:

  • The Asset Transfer Event is only available to assets in "In Service", "Issued" or "Registered Status."
  • This request process is not used for transfer of equipment to another State Agency or the disposal of equipment to the Department of Administrative Services' Surplus Division.
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11-2020 Property Control Updated to align with Workday
08-2013 Property Control Update to policy