Subcontract Processing

Subcontract Processing
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Process to Request a Sub recipient Online-

Principle Investigator or Unit Financial Officers (Departmental Administrators)

  1. Visit OSP Contract System - Use your GT Kerberos Password or GTRI credentials to access the system.
  2. Under the OSP Contract Information System tab you will find a section for Sub- agreement Management. Click on “make a request for new sub-agreement.”
  3. To complete the "Request for a Sub-agreement" process you will want to have the following information ready:
    -- Detailed budget
    -- Statement of work (including any deliverables/reports)
    -- Short narrative as to why you selected the subcontractor
    -- Cost price analysis
  4. Query on the fund number you wish to issue the subcontract/consulting agreement under.
  5. After completing the required fields, click on “Submit to OSP.”
  6. Print a copy of the request; complete accounting section of the form and route for signatures.

Sub recipient Monitoring- Principle Investigator or Unit Financial Officers (Departmental Administrators)

Unit Financial Officers (UFO’s) should assist PI’s in carrying out their sub recipient monitoring responsibilities. This includes:

  • Reviewing invoices from sub recipients to ensure invoices are within the parameters of the sub-award budget, and questioning expenditures if necessary.
  • Ensure that invoices are approved by the PI or his/her designee and submitted to Accounts Payable in a timely basis.
  • Maintain copies of all invoices that provide evidence of the regular review of invoices by the PI. “Evidence” can be in the form of authorized signature by the PI or his/her designee, PI’s initials, e-mail communications, or notes of meeting between the PI with the department administrator.
  • Maintaining documentation of monitoring efforts (copies of e-mail, phone log, etc.).

Process to encumbering Sub recipient in Buzz mart- Unit Financial Officers (Departmental Administrators)
Create “CONFIRMING ORDER/SUBCONTRACT” requisition cart:

  1. Select Vendor and choose appropriate address.
    • Enter Descriptions details:  Fund Number/Agreement number; PI name; Budget Dates
    • Expense Codes:  753160- 1st $25K  -  753180- over $25K
    • NIGP Code:   95675- Scientific Research Services
  2. Release cart after ICOL notice has been received that sub agreement is complete. Procurement services cannot release encumbrance until agreement is active.
  3. Enter confirming order request annually for each funding year.

Subcontract Invoice Payments:

  1. Review invoices from sub recipients to ensure invoices are within the parameters of the sub-award budget, and questioning expenditures if necessary.
  2. Code invoices with purchase order number and expense code and send to GaTech PI for compliance verification.
  3. Sub recipient invoices must be sent to for upload into Web Now queue for approval.
  4. Complete the Invoice Payment Approval Form (Worksheet) within the image in Web Now and route the invoice forward to the ‘Sub award Pay’ queue for processing. Subcontract payments are processed directly in PeopleSoft, rather than BuzzMart, so voucher detail will not be available in BuzzMart. Your electronic signature approval on the Web Now approval form certifies that the goods were received and/or services performed, so no additional ‘Receipt’ is required in BuzzMart and vouchers should not create a match exception.
  5. File all invoices with contract packet.

Subcontract Closeout Process:

  1. Audit invoices payment to verify that cumulative expenses submitted by subcontract matches total invoice payments. 
  2. Ensure that final invoice is paid/submitted to OSP so that closeout procedures are initiated.
  3. Verify open encumbrance report and close out any remaining encumbrance if necessary.

Mark subcontract package “complete” and retain packet per file retention guidelines.