Using GTF Funds - General Policy Statement

Using GTF Funds - General Policy Statement
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jbarber32 Fri, 06/08/2012 - 14:37
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Georgia Tech Foundation
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Mark DeLorenzo
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GTF Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary
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Policy Statement

The use of all funds held by the Georgia Tech Foundation (GTF) must be in accordance with the restrictions or intent of the donor and with Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) policies and procedures. GTF funds intended to benefit a function of GIT(instruction, research, service, and supporting functions) are to be recorded on Institute financial records. All transactions financed by GTF funds are to be made through GIT in accordance with generally accepted business practices and procedures except where there are specific prohibitions on the use of Institute funds, or when prior approval of individual transactions has been received from the Office of the President. These standard operating procedures are designed to minimize costs and duplication, and to enhance accountability.