Employee Reimbursements (Non-Travel Related)

Employee Reimbursements (Non-Travel Related)
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The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to Georgia Tech Employees submitting employee payments requests through the Institute’s Financial System for non-travel related activity, in a timely and efficient manner while also ensuring compliance to regulations for the Institute.  

Policy Statement

The Institute Financial System is designed to request payments to employees for non-travel related activity. Employees are to take an attestation that they are eligible for the requested expenses incurred as described for performance of official business on behalf of Georgia Tech.


Employees should submit all expenses for reimbursement and reconciliation within 10 days incurred expense but no later than 45 calendar days. Expenses submitted more than 60 calendar days after completion of the trip or event, if reimbursed, maybe considered taxable income.


All Tech employees, (includes faculty, staff, students and employees) who have incurred expenses on behalf of the Institute and seeking reimbursement.



Employee Reimbursements (Non-Travel Related)

All non-travel related expenses incurred by employees on behalf of Georgia Tech requests are submitted to be submitted on an expense report via the Institute’s Financial System.


Refund of Personal Funds for Institute Expenses

Refunds are processed for employees who are due a personal refund for key deposits, study abroad deposit, BUZZ card, parking refunds, payroll STRAP, etc). The original Georgia Tech receipt should be included or may be referenced on the form with the receipt# and deposit date. Refunds should be charged to the same account used for the original deposit of funds.

Reimbursement for Food/Group Meal Expenses

A supplemental form, the Food/Group Meal Summary Documentation Form, must be included for reimbursement of any food or group meal expenses, with the exception of reimbursements exclusively using Georgia Tech Foundation Funds. If sponsored funds are used, the sponsor must specifically authorize use of funds. In all case a list of the attendees must be included regardless of the funding source. Approved Georgia Tech caterers must be used for all on-campus events, unless an exception is approved by Auxiliary Services. State of Georgia per person meal per diems limit the amount that can be spent for each participant. See Food/Group Meal policy for specific policy guidance.

Program Advance

- Study Abroad

-  Participant Research



The program coordinator may request program advance or reimbursement for program expenses when the scope of the project requires small dollar cash disbursement to participants where check payment would be impractical, an administrative burden, or payee identity is confidential. A statement of project scope, budget of proposed advance, and project dates must be included. Program advances are requested via the Institutes Financial System

Within 15 business days of project end, a summary of expenses must be submitted that references the original campus ref# and provides original receipts and/or a participant roster that documents receipt of funds. If additional funds are due, they can be requested via the Institutes Financial System. If all funds are not used, the program coordinator will return unused funds via a personal check (made payable to Georgia Tech) attached to the post-event summary of expenses. A program advance that is not substantiated with documented receipts and a business purpose that supports Georgia Tech will be classified as a taxable stipend and reported as income on the employee’s W-2.

Any individual payee/project participant that receives $600 or more per year will receive a 1099-misc. The campus unit is responsible for notifying Accounts Payable by January 10th for any payments for the prior calendar year that reach this limit. An IRS W-9 form must be submitted and a individual will need to be registered as a supplier via the Institute Supplier Portal.


All Georgia Tech employees, (includes faculty, staff, students and employees) submitting invoices for payment on behalf of the supplier are to ensure invoices are submitted with a valid Georgia Tech PO number to apinvoices@gatech.edu.

6.1. Employee

Employee is responsible for ensuring that any expenses claimed are accurate and that they are eligible for the requested expenses incurred in support of official business on behalf of Georgia Institute of Technology.

6.2. Expense Preparer

The preparer prepares the expense report on behalf of the employee and is responsible for ensuring appropriate incurred expense and all required receipts and supporting documentation is submitted.

6.3. Approvers

Employee’s Manager/Supervisor is responsible for reviewing the expense report prior to approval to validate the appropriateness, business purpose of the incurred expense, expense is allowable, cost reasonableness, and ensuring all receipts required supporting documentation is submitted.

Delegates act as proxies on behalf of the manager/supervisor and have the same responsibilities as the supervisor.

Department administration is responsible for reviewing the expense report prior to approval to validate availability of funds, the appropriateness and business purpose of the incurred expense, validate expense is allowable, cost reasonableness, and ensure all required receipts supporting documentation is submitted.


All Georgia Tech employees, (includes faculty, staff, students and employees) incurring expenses on behalf of the Institute are to adhere to the Employee Reimbursement Policy. Employees who are in violation are at risk of not receiving reimbursement expenses incurred.

To report suspected instances of ethical violations, please visit Georgia Tech’s Ethics Hotline, a secure and confidential reporting system, at: https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/en/report_custom.asp?clientid=7508

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