Catering Providers Policy

Catering Providers Policy
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Auxiliary Services, Technology Support
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The purpose of this policy is to define the Institute’s catering requirements. Georgia Tech’s Primary and Secondary Caterers are limited in an effort to ensure safe, high-quality products and services are available for a wide variety of campus needs.

Policy Statement

2.1 In all cases, the procurement of catering services must be an approved expense, subject to the State of Georgia and Georgia Tech policies.

2.2 For all catering purchases over $600 for events on Georgia Tech property, only the Primary and Secondary Caterers may be used. For catering in the Student Center, Exhibition Hall, and West Village Dining Commons, event sponsors must utilize the Primary Caterer.  A list of the Primary and Secondary Caterers can be found at:

2.3 For catering purchases under $600, any licensed food service provider may be used, including licensed caterers under contract with Georgia Tech, or other providers at the choice of the event sponsor.

2.4 Secondary caterers are selected through a Request for Proposal bid process every five years.

2.5 Payment for catering services through Georgia Tech Accounts Payable will be authorized only for the Primary and Secondary Caterers for purchases over $600, or when the Catering Provider Exemption Form has been approved by Tech Dining. Payment is subject to relevant Georgia Tech, USG, Student Government Association policies, and registered student organization policies.

2.6 Event sponsors, Primary and Secondary Caterers are required to comply with stipulations set by the Georgia Tech building managers and/or event space contacts to ensure building and participant safety. Event sponsors retain the responsibility to determine furniture, power and adequate lighting of facilities in which catered events are held.

2.7 Primary and Secondary Caterers will be responsible for timely and appropriate set-up and restoration of the area including, but not limited to cleaning and sanitation of the area, furniture rearrangement, removal of equipment, trash removal and repair of any facility damage caused by the Caterer.

2.8 In cases when the Primary and Secondary Caterers cannot meet the needs of an event, a request for an exemption can be made by completing the Catering Provider Exemption Form. The Catering Provider Exemption Form must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the date of the event and advance written approval is required. If the exemption is approved, the caterer is required to pay a commission to Georgia Tech. Additional commission information can be found on the Catering Exemption Request Form.

2.9 In cases when a licensed food service provider or retailer has agreed to donate prepared food for an event, the Catering Provider Exemption Form must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the date of the event and advance written approval is required. Alcohol cannot be donated. Donors may be required to provide a donation letter, supplemental insurance, and/or other documentation to ensure proper assessment of risk and liability.

2.10 Locations with Special Stipulations
Some campus locations may have special circumstances that allow exemptions from the campus catering policy. When planning an event at the following locations, please contact the building manager and/or event space contact for the building catering policy:

Georgia Tech Athletic Association Facilities
Georgia Tech Research Institute Conference Center
Global Learning Center
Historic Academy of Medicine
Kendeda Building


This policy applies to all units of the Institute.

Policy Terms

Primary Caterer

The Primary Caterer is Georgia Tech Catering.

Secondary Caterers

Secondary Caterers are vendors who have been selected through the RFP process to become a GT approved caterer. A list of Secondary Caterers can be found here.


Tech Dining
Tech dining is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy. Catering Provider Exemption Forms and supporting documentation as outlined on the form should be submitted to the Director of Tech Catering, Kelly Rowland Prather, at



    Failure to follow this policy may result in the following consequences:

  • Catering invoice rejected by Georgia Tech Purchasing Department
  • Noncompliant caterer being removed as a service provider at Georgia Tech

To report suspected instances of ethical violations, please visit Georgia Tech’s Ethics Helpline, a secure and confidential reporting system, at:

Policy History
Revision Date Author Description
August 2023 Dining Editorial updates.
October 2020 Auxiliary Services Updated exemption limit.
February 2015 Auxiliary Services Contact Info Updated
September 2014 Bob Junko, Student Center Associate Director, Business Policy update
July 2014 Kira Freeman Auxiliary Operations New campus caterer addition