2.6.12 Student Grievance and Appeal Committee

2.6.12 Student Grievance and Appeal Committee abruneau3 Thu, 06/26/2014 - 17:42

The Student Grievance and Appeal Committee shall consist of:

  • Three (3) members elected from the Academic Faculty, including two (2) tenured or tenure-track; and
  • One (1) Undergraduate Student with at least junior standing selected by the Undergraduate Student Government Association; and
  • One (1) Graduate Student selected by the Graduate Student Government Association.

The Chair shall be elected annually by the Committee from among the elected Academic Faculty members.  The Chair shall appoint the Secretary from among the remaining members of the Committee.

The Committee shall:

  • Carry out duties associated with the Grievance Process as specified in Section XX of the Rules and Regulations in the Georgia Tech Catalog.  Specifically
    • The Committee shall appoint an outside member of the Academic Faculty to serve on an ad hoc appeal committee constituted at the school, college or unit level.
    • The Committee shall act as a second level of appeal in such decisions if requested by a student, as specified in the Rules and Regulations section of the Georgia Tech Catalog (XX.C.3).
  • Develop and, with the approval of the Academic Faculty Senate, establish and publish its own rules of procedures for the conduct of formal hearings.

The Committee may:

  • Act on its own cognizance, or upon request of any Student or group of Students, to specify or review grievances, suggestions, or criticisms concerning any matter relevant to the Institute that is not resolved by other mechanisms set out in Section 4.7 of the Faculty HandbookIt may weigh and evaluate the material and transmit constructive recommendations to appropriate individuals, offices, committees or groups.

In its distributed minutes and in the annual report of its activities and findings, the Committee shall preserve the anonymity of individuals by generalizing the issues involved and the actions taken.