2.6.3 Faculty Status and Grievance Committee

2.6.3 Faculty Status and Grievance Committee abruneau3 Thu, 06/26/2014 - 17:39

The Faculty Status and Grievance Committee (FSGC) shall consist of

  • Seven (7) members of the Faculty, who are not administrators and at least four (4) of whom carry the rank of Professor, elected by the Faculty.

The Chair shall be elected annually by the Committee.  The Chair shall appoint a Secretary from among the other members.

By majority vote, the Committee may convene in Executive Session to consider any formal or informal case before it, or related matters.

The Committee shall:

  • Assist informally, upon oral or written request from a member of the Faculty, in the investigation and resolution of grievances.
  • Receive and review formal written grievances submitted by a member of the Faculty and, if appropriate, conduct formal investigations and/or convene a hearing following procedures specified in this Handbook, "Grievance: Process and Procedures" (section 3.1.9).
  • Receive referrals from Deans arising from the Periodic Peer Review of tenured faculty, in accordance with the "Periodic Peer Review Policy" in this Handbook (section 3.3.9).
  • Carry out informal inquiry in cases of possible dismissal of non-tenured Faculty with a contract during their contract terms or of tenured Faculty, as specified in "Procedures for Removing Faculty Members" in this Handbook (section 3.1.10) and in a manner consistent with the Policy Manual of the Board of Regents (section 8.3.9).

The Committee may:

  • Review the policy of the Institute with regard to salary scales, tenure, teaching loads, leaves of absence, and other matters of a similar nature pertaining to members of the Faculty.
  • Investigate variations in the application of such policies by the units within the Institute.
  • Furnish any recommendations from such reviews and investigations to the Faculty Executive Board.

In its distributed minutes and in the annual report of its activities and findings, the Committee shall preserve anonymity of the cases it reviews but state the type of issues involved and actions taken.

Records of Committee proceedings and supporting documents shall be preserved by the Secretary. At the end of each academic year, the Chair shall transmit to the Secretary of the Faculty the relevant records of the FSGC for appropriate archiving.

Procedures followed by the Committee in addressing faculty grievances are set out in Section 3.1.9.