Georgia Tech Buildings - DOAS Physical Inspections

Georgia Tech Buildings - DOAS Physical Inspections
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Insurance and Claims Management
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Frederick Trotter
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Director of Insurance & Assets
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For insurance and safety code purposes, each State-owned building is subject to physical inspection periodically (generally not more than once a year) by an Insurance Company and/or certified DOAS safety & loss control engineer.

Policy Statement

The inspector/engineer will coordinate schedule building inspections through Georgia Tech Insurance & Claims Management.

Policy Terms

State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services

  1. Upon receipt of inspection report, Georgia Tech Insurance & Claims Management will review and forward copies of any reports containing serious recommendations to department heads having jurisdiction of the building.
  2. A copy of all reports will be sent to the Manager of Environmental, Health & Safety Department.
  3. Georgia Tech Insurance & Claims Management will follow up with department heads for compliance with report recommendations until compliance is documented.
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March 2015 Insurance and Claims Management Minor language and contact information update