Processing Workers Compensation Claims

Processing Workers Compensation Claims
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Claims may be filed against Workers Compensation.

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General Guidelines/Applicable Policies
Workers Compensation Claims are routinely handled through the Office of Human Resources.

  1. Employee shall report injury to supervisor.
  2. Injury should be reported within 24 hours.
  3. Supervisor for Georgia based employee reports injury to DOAS workers' compensation toll free number: 1-877-656-7475.
  4. Supervisor for Ohio based employee reports injury to the 24 Hour Injury Report Line: 1-800-275-6463. Policy#: 1647912
  5. Supervisor for All Other Non-Georgia based employees report injury to Hartford Loss Connect Service: 1-800-327-3636. Policy#: 20 WB AT0511
  6. Only injuries requiring medical care or lost time should be reported.
  7. Injuries not requiring medical care (e.g. minor cut, scrape, burn, etc.) or involving lost time should be recorded on an “Incident Notice Only” form and kept with the employee’s personnel file.


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