Voluntary Student Fees

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Voluntary Student Fees - If a student is registered for 4 or more billable hours during the current semester, these fees are included in the mandatory fees already assessed to the student account. Sign up is not required for students registered for 4 or more billable hours to have access. Eligible students (see definition below) can elect to pay fees voluntarily and receive access to the services and activities these fees support.

The elective fees to choose from are:

  • Campus Recreation Center (CRC) Fee
  • Health Services Fee
  • Athletics Fee


Eligibility requirements to elect these fees are as follows:

  • Students registered for 1-3 billable hours during a semester
  • Co-op students and interns for the current semester
  • Students not registered for the current semester who were registered the immediately preceding semester
  • Students not registered for the current semester who are pre-registered for the immediately subsequent semester (previously enrolled students only)


Charges and payments made for voluntary fees are posted to the student's account the next business day. The individual departments (Health Services, CRC, Athletics Dept) grant access to the services as soon as practical after that posting.

For additional information and to pay Voluntary Student Fees, please click here .

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10-2014 Bursar's Office Updates to verbiage