Smoking Policy

Policy No: 
Type of Policy: 
Effective Date: 
January 2006
Last Revised: 
July 2015
Review Date: 
October 2017
Policy Owner: 
Human Resources
Policy Owners: 
Administration and Finance
Human Resources
Student Health Services
Contact Names: 
Julie-Anne Williamson, Assistant VP, Administration and Finance,,
Eric White, Strategic Performance Consultant,,
Vladirmir Oge, Director, Health Promotion,
Policy Statement: 

The Georgia Institute of Technology is committed to taking all practical measures to create a safe and healthy work environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Georgia Tech complies with the Board of Regents Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus Policy (9.1.7).

Management is responsible for ensuring adherence to the policy. Violators of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action. Questions or concerns regarding this policy or other related matters should be addressed to the appropriate department manager or to the Office of Human Resources.

Policy History: 
Revision Date Author Description
10-2015 Policy Specialist Policy Owner and contacts update
10-2014 Human Resources Updates to verbiage
















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