Mandatory Student Fee and Budget Approval Process

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January 2016
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January 2019
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Budget, Planning and Administration
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Jim Kirk
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Executive Director, Institute Budget Planning and Administration
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This policy implements the following Board of Regents policy pertaining to mandatory student fees.

Board of Regents Policy (February 9, 2000, amended in June 2009, January 2010, and May 2010)
Mandatory Student Fees:
“Proposals to increase mandatory student fees and proposals to create new mandatory student fees, submitted by an institution, shall first be presented for advice and counsel to a committee at each institution composed of at least 50% students. The committee shall include at least four students, who shall be appointed by the institution’s student government association. Institutions and student government associations should make a concerted effort to include broad representation among the students appointed to the committee.

Mandatory student fees shall be used exclusively to support the institution’s mission to enrich the educational, institutional, and cultural experience of students. All payments from funds supported by student mandatory fees shall be made according to approved business procedures and the appropriate business practices of the institution."

Policy Statement: 

The Georgia Institute of Technology Mandatory Student Fee Advisory Committee (“Committee”) is created to implement the provisions of Board of Regents Policy The Committee shall make recommendations to the President on changes to existing mandatory student fees or on any new mandatory fees. Fees considered by the Committee shall exclude elective fees that are paid by the students who choose to receive specific services. Mandatory fees are defined in the Board of Regents' Policy manual as follows in BOR Policy

"Mandatory student fees are defined as fees that are assessed upon enrollment to all students, all undergraduate students, or all full-time undergraduate students on one or more campuses of an institution. Fees assessed to one of the aforementioned groups of students with an exclusion for distance learning students are also defined as mandatory fees. Mandatory fees may be required by the Board of Regents or by the institution subject to approval by the Board of Regents."

The Committee shall be composed of twelve members selected as follows:

  • Eight students appointed by the Graduate and Undergraduate Presidents of the Student Government Associations (SGA);
  • Two faculty members appointed by the Provost;
  • The Executive Director, Institute Budget Planning and Administration (IBPA);
  • One additional staff member appointed by the Executive Vice President, Administration and Finance (EVP A&F).

The Executive Director, IBPA, is a permanent member of The Committee. The two faculty members and the second staff member shall serve two year terms. The Committee is co-chaired by one of the eight student members appointed by the SGA Presidents and by the Executive Director, IBPA. The IBPA Office provides staff assistance to the Committee and submits the required documentation to the BOR in support of Georgia Tech’s fee recommendations.

In addition, there shall be non-voting, ex officio members of the Committee as follows, unless these individuals are appointed as voting members. The ex-officio student Committee members shall be the Presidents of the Graduate and Undergraduate Student Government Associations, the Editor of the Technique, the Vice President for Finance and Chair of the Joint Finance Committee, and any other students appointed by the Student Government Association Presidents. Ex-officio faculty and staff Committee members may include the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services, and up to two faculty or staff appointed by the Provost or Executive Vice President, Administration and Finance.

Below are the fees for which the Committee provides recommendations to the President, along with the organizations that provide recommendations to the Committee:

  • Technology Fee - Technology Fee Committee (for recommendations on fee levels only and not on projects to be funded)
  • Transportation Fee - Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee
  • Student Health Fee - Student Health Advisory Committee
  • Student Activity Fee - Student Government Association
  • Athletic Fee - Georgia Tech Athletic Association.

Excluded from the Committee’s review are any “general purpose fees” approved by the BOR, as stated in the BOR policy (BOR Policy Other offices or student organizations also may propose new fees to the Committee. It would be up to the Committee Co-Chairs and the SGA presidents whether such proposals are to be considered.


The Committee is responsible for reviewing proposals for rate changes to current mandatory student fees and any newly proposed mandatory fees, and to review budgets funded from the fees. The Committee then provides its recommendations to the Georgia Tech President, who submits the request to the Chancellor of the University System of Georgia for approval.

The following guidelines shall govern voting by the MSFAC:

  1. The Committee votes on all mandatory fees, whether changes are proposed or not, and to add any new fees. (NOTE: The BOR policy only refers to the committee’s consideration of increases to existing fees and new fees. By inference this policy also includes recommendations to reduce existing fees.)
  2. Where a staff Committee member works in a program funded through a fee, he or she must recuse him/herself from the vote on that particular fee.
  3. When a Committee member is absent from a meeting, a substitute may be requested for that member, subject to approval of the co-chairs.
  4. In no case shall the number of voting student members at a meeting fall below one-half of the total voting Committee members.

The Committee meeting schedule shall be structured so as to provide the Chancellor with mandatory student fee and budgetary recommendations in sufficient time for approval, typically in January of each year. The Committee should strive to complete its review and prepare a preliminary recommendation prior to the end of the fall semester. The staff chair will coordinate with BOR staff to ensure that fee recommendations are made on a timely basis. Submitting organizations are responsible for preparing the forms required by the BOR and by Georgia Tech to support fee submissions, with the assistance of the Office of Institute Budget Planning and Administration.

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