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February 2011
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August 2017
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February 2020
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Accounts Payable
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Abbie Coker
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Director of Accounts Payable & Travel
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This form is used for all non-employee payment requests specifically listed on the form. Payments for office supplies, equipment, service agreements, sub-contracts, and other categories where the vendor provides an invoice should be processed via the BuzzMart requisition/approved invoice process. Employees use the Travel & Expense System for reimbursement of travel expenditures and the Employee Payment Request Form for non-travel reimbursements, including parking and STRAP reimbursements, program advances, and reimbursements for food/group meal events.
The Check Request Form (CRF) is designed to request check payment for the following payment types:


Agency Fund Payments
Agency Funds are funds held by Georgia Tech as an agent for an organization
or group affiliated with Georgia Tech. Expenses must be used to support the purpose of the Agency Fund. Projects that are designated as Agency Fund projects will always have a ‘9’ in the 4th digit of the project (for example, 210990724-Lego Camp and 536990110-Residence Hall Activity Fees).

Refunds are processed for students and visitors who are due a personal refund for key deposits, study abroad deposit, BUZZ card, or parking refunds. The original Georgia Tech receipt should be included or may be referenced on the form with the receipt # and deposit date in the Business Purpose section. Refunds should be charged to the same account that was used for the original deposit of funds.

Reimbursements to employees are processed via the Employee Payment Request Form. Non-employee reimbursements may be processed via the Check Request Form if the payee is not located on campus or for amounts greater than $500. Non-employee reimbursements of less than $500 should be processed as petty cash reimbursement through the Bursar’s Office, using the Bursar’s Office Reimbursement and Replenishment Form.

State regulations do not permit payment prior to receipt of goods/services, with the exception of subscriptions, institutional memberships, or postage/shipping, or where specifically required by the contract/agreement. Consequently, campus units should not use this form for pre-payment of goods/services, unless approved by the Purchasing Director. A subscription form, vendor estimate, or order form must be included to support the payment request. If the Georgia Tech vendor contract specifies that a down-payment or deposit is required, a pro-forma invoice must be attached along with the contract that specifically permits pre-payment.

Utilities / Shipping / Telecommunication Services Paid to Provider
Invoices payable to the service provider can be processed using the Check Request Form. Reimbursements to employees for these types of services are processed via the Employee Payment Request Form. For recurring monthly invoices, ensure that the approved amount is the current monthly charge and does not include a prior month’s un-posted payment.

Inter-Agency Transfer / Affiliated Organization Transfer
Transfers to the Georgia Tech Foundation, GTRC, GTAA, and other state agencies. These may be for expenses related to joint-staffing arrangements, co-sponsored events, or authorized transfers between affiliated organizations.

Sponsorship of events that support Georgia Tech’s mission and are specifically permitted by the fund source.

Department of Homeland Security
Processing fees associated with visas and associated expedite fees. The individual’s name must be included; however back-up documentation is not required for standard H-1B processing fees.

Payments for short-term, one-time service activities payable to a non-employee individual. The period of service should not exceed 9 days. Associated travel expenses may be reimbursed at the same time if original receipts are provided. The visitor must comply with Institute travel regulations. Use account 751108 for the honorarium payment and provide a Vendor Profile Form. Reimbursable expenses are coded to the appropriate travel expense account.

Professional Education Instructor
Payments to Professional Education instructors as specified in the PE service agreement. Use account 751108 and provide a Vendor Profile Form.

Options/CRC Instructor
Payments to short-term, non-employee instructors. Use account 751108.

Ferst Center Performer
Payments to performers and artists as specified in the Ferst Center performance contract. Use account 751108.

Student Center Performer/Service Provider
Performers and service providers for student events may be processed via the Check Request Form if the vendor agreement is included to support the payment.

Payments to Attorneys
Payments to attorneys must be authorized by the Georgia Tech Office of Legal Affairs via e-mail approval or signature approval on the attorney’s invoice.

Catering / Group Meals
Statement of business purpose, list of attendees (if less than 15 participants), and invoice/receipt is required. If sponsored funds are used, the sponsor must specifically authorize use of funds. Approved Georgia Tech caterers must be used for all on-campus events, unless an exception is approved by Auxiliary Services. State of Georgia meal per diem limits must be used for all group meals, other than conferences/workshops or events using agency fund accounts. See "Procurement of Group Meals for Employees, Students, and Official Visitors" for more information regarding the purchase of group meals and food for
official Institute events.

Hotel rooms for official guests/visitors and candidates. Rental of meeting room space and transportation rental (taxi, bus, car) for groups.

Non-GT Student Training Stipends/Awards
SURF, REU, SURE, URS training stipends. Only sponsored funds may be used and payments must be approved by the Accounting Services Financial Aid accountant. See "processing fellowship and stipend payments" for more information regarding these types of payments.

Registration Fees
Registrations can be paid for employees, students, consultants, or official guests/visitors. A registration form must be included and a copy will be sent with the check by Accounts Payable. Registration associated with college courses for credit cannot be processed through AP. STRAP and tuition remission programs are available as employee benefits, but must be pre-approved by the Office of Organizational Development prior to student registration.
Workshops or retreats can be processed as a registration if both an agenda and list of attendees are included and the supporting documentation shows an all-inclusive meeting price per person.
Employee Participants: If individual lodging or meals are charged, daily per diem limits are imposed and each employee participant must be more than 50 miles from home or headquarters. If lodging and meals are billed by person, all employee travel regulations prevail and the payment will be processed as employee travel reimbursement to each employee participant via the Travel & Expense System.
Students and other non-employee participants may have their charges directly billed by the vendor and payment may be processed via the Check Request Form. If meals are charged separately, the per person charge cannot exceed the State of Georgia meal per diem rates. See "Meals and Incidental Travel Expenses" for more information.

Non-Resident Alien Payments
Procurements of goods, services, or equipment over $5000 must be initiated via a BuzzMart requisition (Purchasing Take Action). Payments for awards, services and royalties are generally subject to mandatory IRS tax withholding and the payee must be legally authorized to receive payment for any service performed in the United States. See "payments nonresident aliens nonemployees" for more information.

Vendor Invoices
Trade vendor invoices for goods and services should be associated with a BuzzMart PO. If the PO was not entered in BuzzMart prior to receipt of the invoice, a Confirming Order Form should be completed in BuzzMart to create a PO# and encumber funds, if the invoice is less than $5000. For orders over $5000, use the Non-Contract Form in BuzzMart. The invoice should not be included as an attachment to the Confirming Order or Non-Contract Form. Submit the invoice, including the PO# by e-mail, or, if the invoice is scanned to a WebNow work queue, approve the payment using the payment worksheet.

Availability of Form
The check request form is available from the Accounts Payable Forms. Link on the Accounts Payable website.

Payee Information
Payment requests that require a Vendor Profile Form (services, rents, awards, registrations) will not be processed until the Vendor Profile Form has been approved and processed.
For expedited payment, a vendor ID number should be entered on the form for payment to an existing vendor.

Unit Approval and Signature Authorization
Deans, directors and department heads are authorized to approve payment via the Check Request Form.
Approval Authorization may be delegated to departmental administrators. The Procurement Services Signature Authorization Form is used to document delegated authority. Department heads are responsible for ensuring that a current form is on file for those individuals that are authorized to approve Check Request Forms.
When an employee leaves the Department or is otherwise no longer authorized to approve payments, a revised Procurement Services Signature Authorization Form must be submitted to Procurement Services.
Deans, department heads, and directors (or delegated unit financial officer) are responsible for reconciling all expenses to the Georgia Tech Business Office Tech ledgers to ensure that expenditures have correctly posted to the correct project and expense code for the appropriate amount.
Effective 5/1/12, All payments $3000 and over must include an additional authorized approval signature.

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