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  • Promoting the Safety and Welfare of Minors on Campus

    March 28, 2017

    Georgia Tech provides educational and recreational opportunities to minors throughout the year. These youth programs range from athletic and science camps, to after-school programs, to enrichment classes and activities.

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    Mia Reini
    Director of Enterprise Risk Management
    Legal Affairs and Risk Management

  • New Low Speed Vehicle and Golf Cart Policy Improves Safety on Campus

    June 10, 2016

    This spring, the new Low Speed Vehicle and Golf Cart Policy was approved and, as of July 1, will affect the purchase, safe use, and operation of all LSVs and golf carts on campus.

    Golf carts and other types of low speed vehicles (LSVs) have been used across Georgia Tech’s campus since the 1996 Summer Olympics. Currently, 145 of these vehicles assist in ferrying employees, guests, and supplies across Tech’s 400-acre campus.

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    To learn more about this policy,
    contact Environmental Health & Safety's General Safety group
    at 404.385.0263.

  • Board of Regents Sets New Systemwide Policies

    March 10, 2016
    At its meeting yesterday, the Board of Regents approved systemwide policies for sexual misconduct and general student conduct. It also approved several Georgia Tech faculty appointments.
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    Laura Means
    Government and Community Relations

  • The Right to Sign

    December 2, 2015

    Georgia Tech enters into a variety of legal contracts — ranging from securing event space to purchasing laboratory equipment — on a regular basis. While the nature of the contract may vary significantly, there is only a small percentage of Tech employees authorized to sign contracts.

    “Most people don’t realize that only a few people on campus have the authority to sign contracts,” said Kate Wasch, managing attorney in the Office of Legal Affairs. “We encounter individuals not understanding that there are very strict guidelines about who can sign a contract, and, inadvertently, they sign a contract — sometimes not realizing they are signing a contract. Not only is this a bad business practice, but it can place that individual personally at risk.”

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    Kate Wasch
    Managing Attorney
    Office of Legal Affairs

  • Office of Disability Services-POLICY CHANGES

    November 13, 2015

    Policy Changes

    Please note the following testing policy changes/clarifications effective September 30, 2015

    Course instructors shall notify the Institute's Office of Disability Services within the first two weeks of the semester, or in the alternative, within one week of student's intended use of testing accommodations a list of items approved or prohibited during the administration of assessments.

  • Training Program Supports Minors on Campus

    June 8, 2015

    As the host for enrichment opportunities ranging from educational to athletics, Georgia Tech’s community outreach brings thousands of future Yellow Jackets under the age of 18 to campus each year. Accordingly, Tech is supplementing its policy statements with a comprehensive training program to help the campus community understand how to best support and protect the wellbeing of these guests.

    “The Institute has several policies in place to help prevent and report child abuse,” says Mia Reini, director of Enterprise Risk Management. “In fact, mandatory training and criminal background checks are required for those working one-on-one with minors. Looking forward, the Institute will offer a more consistent and accessible training program to help educate all Georgia Tech employees and volunteers on how to best protect children from abuse – namely sexual abuse.”

    For More Information Contact: 

    Mia Reini
    Director, Enterprise Risk Management

  • Adhering to Purchasing Regulations with Procure-to-Pay Systems

    March 13, 2015

    As Georgia Tech employees, we are stewards of state and federal dollars. And while the external state and federal regulations can be confusing to someone who doesn’t make daily purchases, Georgia Tech’s policies and processes are in place to provide guidance and help ensure compliance with these very specific regulations.

    Frans Barends, senior director of Business Services, explains some of the processes in place to ensure that purchase transactions are responsible and compliant.

    Why did Georgia Tech begin regulating purchases made by employees?

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    Frans Barends
    Senior Director of Procurement and
    Business Services

    Ajay Patel
    Director of Purchasing, Procurement and
    Business Services

  • Campus Safety Initiatives at Tech

    January 22, 2015

    The safety and security of Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff is among the Institute’s top priorities.

    Because Georgia Tech is an open urban campus with many students living in surrounding neighborhoods, Georgia Tech takes a proactive stance when notifying the campus community about safety concerns. For instance, while the Clery Act requires universities to alert campus communities to incidents occurring on campus, Georgia Tech goes beyond that to include areas adjacent to campus – a practice not conducted at many other universities.

  • Promoting Ethical Behavior at Georgia Tech

    October 23, 2014

    As a public research university, Georgia Tech is a steward of taxpayer dollars, research funding, and tuition paid by students and their families. Because fraud and acts of unethical behavior deplete resources that could be used to fund programs and positions necessary for performing our jobs more effectively and advancing the Institute’s strategic goals, each member of the Georgia Tech community has an obligation to help ensure that Institute resources are used responsibly.

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    Mia Reini
    Director, Enterprise Risk Management
  • Georgia Tech Updates Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

    August 28, 2014

    As part of a national effort to address sexual violence on college campuses, the Institute has updated its Student Sexual Misconduct Policy. The updated policy was approved at an April meeting of the General Faculty.

    The new stand-alone policy now has its own reporting and adjudication processes, separate from those of the Student Code of Conduct.

    For More Information Contact: 

    Peter Paquette
    Office of Student Integrity

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