Academic Administrators Salary Funding Policy

Type of Policy: 
Effective Date: 
December 2016
Last Revised: 
February 2016
Review Date: 
February 2019
Policy Owner: 
Office of the Provost
Contact Name: 
Jennifer Herazy
Contact Title: 
Assistant Provost for Administration
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Reason for Policy: 

To establish guidelines related to the appointment of current tenured faculty members to Institute-level administrative positions at Georgia Tech. Typically, these positions would be vice provost, vice president positions or similar administrative appointments reporting to either the Provost or Executive Vice President for Research.

Policy Statement: 
This policy outlines procedures, especially related to salary arrangements, when a tenured faculty member assumes an administrative role at Georgia Tech, typically within the Office of the Provost or Office of the Executive Vice President for Research.
These guidelines will be applicable to most, but not all, such situations. Alternate arrangements may be negotiated based on the needs of the position, department or individual with approval from the Provost or EVPR.

All appointments within the Office of the Provost or the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research are subject to the approval of the related executive and the faculty member’s department chair and/or dean.

Salary Funding Guidelines
  • While the individual serves in the administrative position, his/her department of employment will be either the Office of the Provost or the Office of the EVPR, and that department will provide the funds to pay the individual’s base salary.
  • The individual’s home academic department as a member of the faculty remains unchanged. Tenured faculty members will retain tenure.
  • While the individual serves in the administrative position, the individual may be paid an administrative supplement and will be typically paid on a fiscal (12-month) contract. The pay will be based on the salary range for the administrative appointment.
  • The home academic department will retain the individual’s faculty salary, as well as the faculty line. The salary funds may be used to support a replacement faculty member or temporary/part-time instructors to assist with teaching load.
  • Upon the individual’s return to his/her home academic department in a faculty position, the College will be responsible to cover the base salary with existing salary funds or other funds available to them.
  • New permanent workload funds will be provided to cover any merit increases to the base salary during the individual’s service in the administrative role.
  • Alternate appointment arrangements may apply if the faculty member is appointed at less than 100% time in the Executive unit while retaining a partial appointment in the academic home unit.


Letter of Appointment Guidelines
When appointed to an administrative role, the letter of offer/appointment should state:
  • The administrative supplement, if any, will cease when the individual no longer serves in the administrative position.
  • The individual holds the administrative appointment at the pleasure of the EVPR or Provost; and
  • How the faculty member’s base salary, contract type (fiscal or academic) and workload assignments are to be determined when she/he leaves the administrative assignment.
Policy History: 
Revision Date Author Description
February 2016 Office of the Provost Codify existing Provost policy


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